Immeuble ARO Antsahavola
B.P. 7631
101 - Antananarivo

Phone numbers :
+261 20 22 631 86
+261 32 07 631 86
Fax :
+261 20 22 337 20

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Our history

Already 20 years of experience helping businesses achieve business performance, FTHM Conseils, now renamed FTHM Consulting, was founded in 1994. Currently based in Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city, its reputation is well known over the entire Indian Ocean area and in Africa.

Consulting firm FTHM Consulting, was founded in 1994 by two men who, upon returning to Madagascar, decided to form a partnership and create a company. Both men had acquired more than 14 years of experience in management consulting through their professional careers at large international groups and firms in France.

Our skills

FTHM has a wealth of expertise that enables it to provide a wide range of consulting services. We assist companies, institutions or organizations in all their activities by delivering a host of value-added services in :

  • Management ;
  • Project management ;
  • Financial engineering ;
  • Human resources ;
  • Transition management
  • BPO : Business Processing Outsourcing ;
  • Economics.

Our expertise is the fruit of many years of accrued experience gained from working at large international groups operating in France and in Madagascar as well as from the 80 permanent and professional consultants.

Our additional strength and leadership lie in our ability to work together, take the most of each other. FTHM employs the best people as far as consulting is concerned either in Madagascar or abroad.



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