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Corporate Social Responsibility


FTHM CONSEILS, a socially responsible company

July 20th, 2011

Because we believe that education is the root of a sustainable development, FTHM CONSEILS supports initiatives that aim for the promotion of education and for the improvement of social and cultural environment.
Beyond its role as an economic entity, FTHM CONSEILS attaches a huge importance to social responsibility, most particularly toward the community it is established in. According to FTHM CONSEILS, assuring an economic role without caring for the social environment is not enough to contribute efficiently in the development of Madagascar. That‘s why FTHM CONSEILS is keen on bringing its part in cultural, educational or social development.

This year, it decided to sponsor a cultural event of a significant importance, since it aims to promote Madagascan Culture and Identity: “The Celebration of RAHAJARIZAFY Antoine de Padoue Centenary”. FTHM CONSEILS supports this event, not only by offering financial aid, but also by getting involved itself in the organization of the event all along the year 2011.

RAHAJARIZAFY Antoine de Padoue was a renowned figure of Madagascar History who cherished his country more than anything else. He was not only a priest, but was at the same time, an educator, a philosopher and a famous author. He left his mark on Madagascar History with his outstanding love for his country. He believed in the very unique Madagascan wisdom and identity and was convinced that his country can hold its head high when comparing itself to any other foreign countries. That’s why he committed himself to defend his culture and identity against all odds. Every single action he took, or books he wrote aimed to promote madagascan culture. His whole life was devoted to his beloved country.
Among his most famous books, we can count:
• Ny Ombalahibemaso,
• Ny Hanitra Nentindrazana,
• Ny Ohabolana Malagasy,
• Essai sur la grammaire malgache,
• Ny kabary,
• Ny Filozofia Malagasy,
• Ilay nahitako ny fiadanako,
• and Initiation à la langue malgache.
These are widely wellknown books that have been contributing significantly in making Madagascan Identity known and understood.

Because we reckon that RAHAJARIZAFY Antoine de Padoue and his work deserve to be better-known; and also because the new generation today needs to be guided and confirmed about its identity, FTHM CONSEILS was convinced of the necessity to support this event: to remind Malagasy people about who they are and what how precious their culture is.
For FTHM CONSEILS, it's a way to demonstrate its will to contribute to the educational and cultural development of Madagascar. It’s also a way to carry out its commitments towards the social environment it is settled in. “

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