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CFEF PRSDHU assignements - Feasibility study for the transformation of Social Promotion Centers of Social Affairs Ministry to Social Actions Centers

September 09th, 2016

The Execution Unit of the fragile states financing and the Human Development Systems Project, financed by the world bank, commissioned the consulting firm FTHM in consortium with STRONG NKV consulting firm for achieving feasibility study for Social Affairs Ministry' s Promotion Social Centers to Social Action Centres to increase their contribution to the social security. The mission started in August 2016.

To improve and diversify social security services offers in favour of vulnerable groups, the Ministry of Social Affairs aims the transformation of the Social Promotion Centers to Social actions centers. It’s in this context that the CFEF PRSDHU used services of a consultant to realize a mission on « Feasibility study of the transformation of the Promotion Social Centers to Social Actions Centers » in order to increase their contribution of the social welfare. The main objective of this mission is to make an organizational diagnosis of the CPS and to propose modalities of revitalization to increase and diversify social welfare services in favour of vulnerable groups.

The specific objectives of the missions of the consulting firm are :

-          Combine and analyze the legal text (orders and ministerial decrees) of CPS creation ;

-          Inventory the existing CPS on the whole of national territory by taking out their functionality state (geographical localisation, types and offerred quality services, operating budget, existence or not of recording certificates ;

-          Estimate the technical, material, financial and human current capacity of the CPS which brings to an evaluation of the level of qualification compared with their mission and role ;

-          Estimate the transformation cost (Construction and/or rehabilitation, equipments, creation and operation of referencing system, staff training, etc.) by distinguishing between capital costs and resorting costs ;

-          Propose a road map (approaches : progressive and/or global, steps) leading to this new configuration as well as support measures.


The mission will be completed around December, 2016

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