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Feedback conference on 2017 RJD/TSM surveys « Remuneration of young graduates (RJD) and Top Study Management (TSM) »

March 06th, 2018

FTHM Consulting’s feedback conference on the results of the RJD/TSM surveys was held on March 06, 2018 at Café de la Gare Soarano. In 2017, the firm organized surveys on Young Graduate Remuneration (RJD) and Top Study Management (TSM). The two main objectives were first to know the average remuneration of young graduates at the master's and bachelor's level at the time of hiring and then to know which are the higher institutions where companies prefer to recruit from.

Nowadays, work experience is a key parameter in the recruitment process of companies. The hiring of young graduates is thereby at the center of employability problems. For Madagascar, how many companies are ready to hire them? And which sectors of activities are the most concerned about? To the extent that the company's strategy allows the hiring of young graduates, how much are they paid according to their line of study and level of education? And, starting from two main branches, Management and Engineering, which local higher education institutions are privileged? Finally, do companies prefer to recruit locally or abroad and in which proportion?

The study conducted by FTHM Consulting is part of an understanding of the reality and the current situation of young graduates. It has been split through two surveys:

· The RJD survey (Remuneration of Young Graduates) which aims at knowing the level of remuneration of young graduates, Bachelor and Master level, by sector of activity; Engineering branch or Management at the time of their hiring.

· The TSM survey (Top Study Management) which aims at knowing, on the one hand, the higher institutions preferred by companies in recruiting, and on the other hand the reputation of these institutions.

This study first gave an overview of the recruitment of young graduates in companies and their salary grid, and secondly of the reputation of higher institutions in the eyes of companies.

The feedback conference was attended on the one hand, by companies’ leaders and human resources managers, and on the other hand, by representatives of higher education institutions. Certificates have been awarded to TSM survey Top 3: ESPA, IST, ISPM for the Engineering branch and INSCAE, ISCAM, UCM for the Management branch.

Download fthm_consulting_presentation-rjdtsm_ev_final.pdf (1698 Ko)

Year: 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | Archives


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